3 Children’s Book Reviews About Love

3 Children’s Book Reviews About Love

By Margaret O’Hair

By Diane Adams

Love is: The story of a love between a girl and a duckling. Heartfelt. Engaging. Beautiful pictures. Unique story. An instant classic!

By Barbara M. Joosse,
Illustrated by Mary Whyte

Early in the evening, two young brothers and their mama finish supper in the sturdy red cabin and set out to fish. While digging for worms, rowing the boat, and pulling in fish, each brother asks his mama which one is the best at each task, and as they are being tucked into bed, which one she loves the best.

Text and pictures work together to make this book a classic. A perfect venue for sharing how we love each of our children the most, even when there is more then one of them!

By Sharon Creech

The book with heart, the book with a dog, the book with a boy, the book of free-verse poems.

Jack figures out how to be a writer as he comes to grips with the loss of his beloved dog. Kids who read this will come to love poetry, and most likely that they could write poetry just like Jack can.

The book is one to read, again and again and again.

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