Book Review: Books by a Local Author, Marc Schmatjen

Book Review: Books by a Local Author, Marc Schmatjen

Marc Schmatjen (pronounced ‘smidgen,’ as in, just a smidgen of this or that) was born and raised in Northern California, where he lives today with his wife Sandra, raising their three boys.

Marc writes adventure books for children and family humor columns for adults. His favorite thing to do is visit schools and share his passion and excitement for reading and writing with the students. He has held assemblies and class visits at many of the Roseville elementary schools.

Marc’s humor column, Just a Smidge (, is one of the most popular weekly humor columns in America (if you look far enough down the list). Marc has been delighting his readers with his wit and incredibly manly outlook on life since 2008. His writing has been compared (unfairly) to that of world-class humorists such as Scott Adams, Erma Bombeck, and the venerable Dave Barry; and if any of them were alive today, they would surely contest the comparison. His columns have been published in newspapers and glossy magazines across the United States, and one dull magazine in Oregon.

The Very Sneezy Garbage Truck
Marc’s Bestselling Book
Grades K-3rd
Trash is flying all over Biggsville! Bobby the Garbage Truck can’t stop sneezing, and he and his friends do not know why. They’re working together to get through the mess, but can Bobby and his buddies solve the mystery before the whole town is covered in trash? This wacky, diesel-fueled tale of municipal vehicle mayhem helps young readers understand the value of friendship, teamwork, logical problem solving, and most importantly, regular baths!

My Baboon is in a Balloon
K-1st Grade Picture Book
This book captivates young hearts and minds with its sing-song-y rhymes about the animal friends that come alive in a young girl’s imagination. The follow-up and complement to My Giraffe Makes Me Laugh, this book continues the rhyming adventure that began Marc’s journey as a children’s author so many years ago, helping to entertain children around the world (Around the world, in this case, meaning several major metropolitan regions in the U.S., four kids in Europe, and one orphanage in Uganda).

The Sycamore Detective Agency:
A Series of Chapter Books for Your 3rd-8th Grade Reader.
Headquartered in the historic and mysterious farmhouse known as Barton Manor, nine-year-old Johnny Smith and his younger brothers, Matt and Cooper, secretly fight crime in Rocklin, California with the help of their adventure-loving grandfather.


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