Business Owner, Mom, Blogger: She Does it All!

Business Owner, Mom, Blogger: She Does it All!

Margaret O’Hair Interviews Brittany Garner

Brittany! Great to have you here! Can you introduce yourself to us?
Thank you for having me! I’m a mom to two boys: Harrison is 6.5, Sullivan is 4. I’m married to Tyler, who is my exact opposite which means we balance each other really well. We moved from Chico to Roseville four years ago and while we miss Chico dearly, we are so happy to call Roseville home!

I’ve been so inspired by you for a long time. I think it is amazing how you have created this online shop from scratch, and the Okayest Moms group seems like a very fun tribe! What made you want to start an online shop?
I was craving a creative outlet after I graduated from college. I planned my wedding (before Pinterest existed too, the horror!) and when that was over, I really needed to fulfill that creative drive. I started as solely a graphic designer and over the years, it evolved in to something greater than I could have ever imagined.

What does your shop specialize in, and how is your shop different from other small shops?
I am a graphic designer at my core. That, my sense of humor, and love of coffee (okay, and wine) has been the catalyst for selling my products—I have gifts for everyone: coffee mugs, wine glasses, t-shirts, water bottles, and more—all designed originals by me. I pride myself on being original and honestly, I wouldn’t survive without my sense of humor. My business is a reflection of that.

How do you find your ideas?
I get asked this a lot. I get inspiration from everywhere—my kids, my husband, my friends, or funny memes on the internet that help me procrastinate. Inspiration comes in all forms.

What is the thing that resonates with moms on your Okayest Moms blog?
The sole reason for starting the blog with my best friend, Heather, was to do away with the myth that there is a one-size-fits-all-perfect-brand of Motherhood. There isn’t. Motherhood looks different for everyone, and we wanted a place to celebrate (and maybe sometimes complain) about that.

Are the Okayest Moms only an online tribe or do you do things locally as well?
Both! We have recently really connected with our local following in Roseville and surrounding areas by putting on Okayest Happy Hours! It’s a place for moms to get together, socialize and have a few hours to be someone other than Mom. The best way to get details about the next one is in our Facebook group (Okayest Moms Group For Wayward Mothers).

How do you handle the stress of being a working mom during the Holiday Season?
Oh, man. That’s a tough one because I still don’t have it figured out, even though this is my 6th holiday season as a work at home mom! I have learned that I have to let some things go, not everything will be perfect, and to give myself grace. And if all else fails: wine.

What are the challenges of being a mom working from home and what is the best takeaway?
The biggest challenge is just finding the time to fit everything in. I have to remind myself that the “to do” list may never be finished, and that’s okay. My favorite part of this gig I’ve created for myself is that it affords me the flexibility to do all of the kid things as if I am a stay at home mom. (It’s) The best of both worlds.

How do you keep going when you want to give up?
I remind myself that nothing is permanent. I can change just about any situation and make it work for me. I say this as a person who takes her mental health and self-care very seriously. I’ve battled postpartum anxiety and depression and the simple reminder that the only constant is change, is something that gets me through those hard days.

What is the most fun thing you do in your day?
Drinking my coffee. Haha! But seriously, I look forward to that cup every morning. The truth is, not every day is fun. Sometimes it’s monotonous business-y stuff that I always say is the worst part of having a business. I really enjoy the creative process and on days when I’m inspired, those are magic.

How do you bring your kids into your creativity and your business?
My oldest is really in to being an “entrepreneur like mom” right now. He’s had lemonade stands and yard sales. It’s pretty cool to watch.

Can you give us some advice for moms who want to have a blog or an online shop?
Do it! Be original, have fun with it, but most of all, just dive in! I think it’s easy to get caught up in the “planning” of it all. My best advice: just start.

How can people find you online?
BGD can be found at, on Instagram (@britgarndesign), and on Facebook.
The Okayest Moms can be found at, on Instagram (@okayestmomsblog) and on Facebook.
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