Casa Kidz:  A Unique, Multicultural Preschool in the Heart of Rocklin

Casa Kidz: A Unique, Multicultural Preschool in the Heart of Rocklin

Looking to immerse your toddler in a fun preschool where Spanish and Italian are taught together with art, cooking, dancing, singing and science? Welcome to the new Casa Kidz preschool! Growing Up Roseville Magazine was fortunate enough to interview Adriana, the owner of Casa Kidz Preschool in Rocklin to find out more about this unique school.
Hi Adriana. Can you tell us a little about Casa Kidz?
Of course. Casa Kidz is a professional, home-based preschool that provides children ages two to five five with safe, creative, nurturing, and fun educational experiences. We are located 100 meters from Sierra Elementary in Rocklin, California.
We love your accent! Tell us about yourself.
Thanks! I’m an experienced preschool teacher from Costa Rica. I have 13 years of experience teaching English at a public kindergarten in Heredia, Costa Rica. I have also taught Spanish with Sombrero Time at Sierra Elementary in Rockin (2015-2016). In April 2014, I moved to Nor Cal to live with my husband and our 6-year-old son. I earned a BA degree in preschool education from Universidad Latino Americana de Ciencia y Tecnologia in 2001 and have completed additional master’s course work in preschool bilingual education at Universidad Hispanoamericana in 2005.
Leaving my beloved kindergarten behind in Costa Rica was not easy, but opening a preschool in my home is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me. In addition to teaching, I love Yoga, travelling, skiing, and hiking.
Tell us about your philosophy of education.
I’m a strong believer in the Constructivist approach to learning, in that children learn best when they are actively involved in a process of meaning and knowledge construction as opposed to passively receiving information. I also believe a multicultural approach provides an enriching experience, especially for young children.
At Casa Kidz, we focus on children two to five years old in a home-based, secure and warm environment where each child can develop to his or her own potential – socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
Our program is based on the following important beliefs:
• Children are natural learners and we encourage this through age appropriate academics, music, art and movement.
• Each child’s unique creativity is encouraged.
• Each child is special and an individual with distinct needs and feelings.
• Children to teacher ratio is 6:1, making certain each child receives a high level of personal attention.
Tell us what a typical day looks like for you.
I am really busy between the preschool and my family. My day starts before 6:00am, getting ready for the upcoming class. I prepare snacks, finalize the lesson plans, bring out the toys and learning projects, and finish tidying up. I also find time to walk the dog and take my six year old to Kindergarten.
Casa Kidz officially opens at 8:00am when the parents come to drop their children off. We discuss what’s been happening, and any things I should be aware of. I then personally greet each child and do my best to be sure they are happy and excited for a great day at school. Activities vary each day and include:
• Reading Corner/Circle Time – We read books and encourage talking by asking open-ended questions about the stories we read, the weather, family, friends, their neighborhood, show and tell sharing, and more.
• Spanish and Italian Lessons – I’m a credentialed, trilingual teacher with over thirteen years experience. Spanish and Italian are taught in a fun, interactive manner.
• Active play, sensory play, block play – Rainbow School Parachutes encourage noncompetitive cooperative play. Sensory shapes, Kinetic Sand, Theraputty help develop tactile sense. Block play allows children to practice problem solving, develop perception skills, and explore basic math and science.
• Singing and Dancing to Rhymes and Music from different parts of the world. Singing songs and dancing is intrinsically enjoyable to children and educators alike.
• Role Play – Children role-play using kitchen sets, dolls, stuffed toys, dress-up clothes, pretend food, etc. We also put on a theatrical performance with the kids taking various parts. Through these activities, they learn to share and develop their social skills. This also enhances their cognitive development.
• LakeShore Learning Material – Casa Kidz has purchased brand new, top-of-the-line Lakeshore Learning preschool furniture, games, materials, and toys.
• Arts and Crafts – Casa Kidz is unique in that we have a dedicated, brand new art studio where children can draw directly on the walls with child appropriate liquid chalk. Children also create collages, use a variety of paint material, draw with Crayons and enjoy gluing and working with Playdough. These activities develop fine motor skills and help the children express their feelings.
• Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) – Young children are natural learners and scientists. As educators, we have a deep love of learning and encourage exploring the natural world with our children. LakeShore STEM science stations, problem solving kits and design/build engineering centers are part of our science corner. Charts are used which help children learn and develop mathematical concepts. We play counting and classification games to encourage logical thinking, number and alphabet recognition, and more. Our volunteer biologist, Lia, leads these fun, exploratory sessions.
• Outdoor Activities/Casa Kidz Village-We’ve built Casa Kidz Village which consist of playhouses and farm stands sized for children. We encourage make believe and the kids love to pretend, shop, and cook. Children play on slides, a climbing gym, trucks, and tricycles.
This helps them stretch their muscles and develop motor skills. We own a large commercial grade bouncy and inflate this during nice weather and yoga is practiced in our meditation garden.
I provide daily written communication with parents –a customized, written summary of each child’s day at Casa Kidz, including activities, any snacks provided, social interactions, and how their day went.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your program, or yourself?
I love living in the US and am honored to have the chance to open my own preschool. I take great joy and pride in sharing my love of Costa Rican culture with my students and parents. Fun facts? I speak Italian and have lived in Italy – I cannot get enough fresh pasta and Cannoli.

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