Central Command Centers: Every Household Needs One

Central Command Centers: Every Household Needs One

What is a command center exactly? A command center is a central location where you get organized. This article is going to help you take command of your home, step-by-step.

First, you must determine what kind of command center will work for your family, and where you want to put it. Find a blank wall, or corner, and get to work. Be creative. There is no right or wrong way to build a command center. Determine what is most important to your family, and figure out the areas that you need to organize. Start with the basics; a calendar and a clock. Use a calendar to track appointments, rehearsals, talent shows, sports games, teacher conferences, meetings, and other engagements. Perhaps you need to write out an agenda to keep your day organized. Consider purchasing a white board calendar that allows you to fill in an agenda for the week.

Next, hang a few file trays for important papers that need attention and incoming mail. This will eliminate the pile of useless papers that most busy households have stacked in a corner somewhere. Make a habit of clearing your important paper bin, weekly.

If you have school-age kids, you may want to add hooks to hang backpacks, and even a file tray for homework that needs to be checked. Once the kids have done their homework, they should place it in the tray for mom or dad to check. Your command center is an excellent place to delegate chores. Each chore is added to a board and family members rotate the responsibility.

There are so many excellent ideas for your command center. You may want to add a grocery list, a coupon bin, a cork board to pin important cards, tickets to events, or invitations. You may want to hang clipboards for permission slips, report cards, and other papers that need to be signed. Your command center may have a dry erase, or chalk board, where you can include notes and instructions. You may want to include a place to hang keys or ID badges. Your command center is your organizational tool that should keep your family on track and stress-free.

I have attached a few pictures of my family’s command center. The first, and most important part for us, is our affirmations. To make our affirmation board, I used picture frames and each week,  I write a different affirmation to the kids. You will notice a clock, as well as a chore list. In our family, we do not pay the kids to do chores. Chores are a part of being in the family. The chore list does however have space for the kids to earn money by doing extra jobs around the house. Our kids are responsible for cleaning their backpacks and putting their papers that need attention in the inbox. I sort through the papers and return anything that needs to go back in their backpacks. Artwork is usually displayed on hooks in the command center. We also have a parent’s box which is where my husband and I put important paperwork that needs to be dealt with. Have fun getting organized by creating your own command center!


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