How I Got a Cute Website and Blog And How You Can, Too!

How I Got a Cute Website and Blog And How You Can, Too!

• You want a fun and easy website
• You want a website you can work yourself
• You want to blog
• You want your site to be very cute- AMAZINGLY so
• You want it to be AFFORDABLE
Then: Keep reading! You can make all of the above happen for you! As an added bonus, there is a coupon code for you at the end of this article to help make it happen.
Okay, here we go… I was not sure how to do this article. I really want to reach out and say, if you are a mom, and you want to have a website and/or blog, it is possible. I know it is really hard to keep an organized life together, without adding a website or blog to the mix. At least that is what I thought. I teach Kindergarten and I love to write. Even with a regular work schedule, and a love of words, I struggled to put something together for myself.
My problems seemed to be over when one of my talented Internet Powerhouse Friends graciously put together a wonderful website for me. But, guess what happened? It was so challenging that I just got sucked under by the learning curve and could not master any of it. So, it just sat there.
I needed something to work. Enter my search online for something that could be all of the above. What I found was: tons of people who want your money, tons of people who tell you they have the answer, and tons of people who make a living off of your dream to have a blog and website. That is all fine and great, if something there is a match for you, but money is not easy to come by. There is that this word:
BUDGET! Then there are all of those items listed above that I needed. It honestly seemed impossible.
Eventually I discovered it was not impossible! I found someone who helped me build my site, which is clean, fresh, and easy to navigate for me as I blog or build it further. After we are done here, you should check it out at I would love for you to leave a comment on my blog and let me know if this article has helped you in any way. But first, let me tell you how I put that site together.
Here’s my secret: The magic happens at the website called, It is run by Lindsey Riel. Lindsey is married to a solder, and she’s a mom. She started her business when her husband was deployed. She is a creative at heart, and she likes to make things and dream up ideas.
Lindsey feels that the absolute most rewarding aspect of her career has been helping people understand how to use their websites. She loves all of the nerdy tech stuff, and says that being able to break it down into steps for people who feel overwhelmed or frustrated by it is such a great feeling. And what comes from Lindsey working with you is a pretty, organized place on the web for you to share your gifts. She says that when she taught herself how to build websites, she did not have any help. It was just her, Google, and lots of white screens that she had to fix while watching the sun come up. For Lindsey, being able to help someone along and expedite their journey is wonderful.
This is what can you expect to find if you go to
• Premade themes from which to choose
• Simple Directions so you can setup your own website in no time
• Overcoming whatever hurdle is thrown your way as you setup your theme, as Lindsey is there to help
• You start on with the words that say, “Start Here”
What should you have in mind as you look at the choices of themes?
1. A general idea of what you want to offer on your site
2. All of the themes can work with anything, as plug-ins can be added
3. Go find what “speaks to you” and go from there
The themes range in price, with $75 being the highest price. You have to have the Genesis Framework installed, which has a one-time fee from Do not worry if you don’t know how to do any of the bells and whistles of setting it up. They have a few people who can help you with the setup and beyond if need be. One of the fabulous designers is Susan from One Happy Studio, who handles all of the setup packages. She’s super quick, and a joy to work with! Susan’s setup package is actually a 24 hour (usually quicker) deal; she sets your site up to look like the demo. If someone wants something customized, they can get help from the Facebook group that is full of people who help each other do just that, and Lindsey pops in and answer questions as time allows. It is a great community of people who are in it together. Susan is offering a set up package of $49 right now, and that is an amazing deal that keeps things super simple for those who do not want to mess with anything. If you do need more help, David at offers maintenance packages, and extra hand holding for anyone who needs it.
From contacting Lindsey, to going live with a site, it’s all pretty fast and easy! They also have a Facebook group full of people, who help each other, and Lindsey pops in and answer questions as time allows. It is a great community of people who are all in it together.
So, Girl! You CAN do this! Go get your site up now and learn how to use it! Make that dream come true. When you are ready for your website and/or blogging dream to come true, there is a coupon that Lindsey will honor for readers of Growing Up Roseville. Here you go: At checkout, type roseville10. Good luck, and Go make your dream happen!

By Margaret O’Hair

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