Quarry Park Adventures

Quarry Park Adventures

Rocklin’s Newest Family Attraction in the Heart of the Quarry District

A new adventure awaits thousands of families as a 160-year-old granite quarry in Rocklin, California is transformed into a premier northern California entertainment destination.
The City of Rocklin’s historic Quarry District is experiencing a transformation. Public and private development is creating a reborn downtown with an environment that supports vibrant entertainment, commercial activity, and residential options.

Quarry Park Adventures, Rocklin’s newest attraction in the heart of the Quarry District, boasts a picturesque setting for community events, concerts, and enjoying the natural beauty of the city.
The park features a Platinum Living Amphitheater, where Rocklin has held two successful summer concert seasons, attracting nationally renowned artists and thousands of attendees.

Quarry Park Adventures, in the 160-year-old Quarry District in downtown Rocklin, is a one-of-a-kind experience with over 100 adventure activities that can be as fun, or as challenging as guests choose. Think of Quarry Park Adventures as being similar to a theme park, but instead of roller coasters and log rides, guests experience zip lines, giant swings, free-fall jumps, paddle boats, and many other ground and aerial adventures in a safe, wholesome environment.

Future Quarry Park plans include the redevelopment of an existing city fire station next to the amphitheater to attract unique businesses to compliment park activities. Private landowners are also investing in projects adjacent to Quarry Park and have begun to build residential, retail, and restaurant options that will help create a destination for the entire community.

Rocklin’s Quarry Adventures will be a surrounded by it all, offering adventurous recreation and, in conjunction with area development, attract residents and visitors to support local businesses and bring revenue into the city.
Here is just a taste of what is in store for families at Quarry Park Adventures:
Zip 700 feet at over 30 miles per hour, swing and soar 120 feet above a canyon floor, climb and traverse 60 feet high granite walls, and explore 5 ½ acres of adventure and excitement that friends and family will enjoy time and again.
Come enjoy the atmosphere and have a cold beverage on the 2,000-square foot outdoor deck, hanging over the quarry or dangle your toes in the cool water next to the 60-foot high waterfall.
Quarry Park Adventures has something for everyone. There is a play zone just for the junior explorers, Quarry Mega Cove Kid’s Kove.

In addition, there are private and public picnic areas, and a banquet area for private events. Quarry Park Adventures is truly a special place and it is just around the corner! Come zip, soar, climb, and explore in a safe, wholesome atmosphere you will want to visit time and again.

Quarry Mega Cove

Kids’ Kove

Turn them loose and let them go as they enjoy the adventures they choose themselves in the Quarry Mega Kids’ Kove. There are climbing nets, zip lines, balance beams, and boulder climbs with more than enough action to keep your little ones entertained for hours. With over 30 challenge elements in the Quarry Mega Kids’ Kove, it’s large enough to entertain 150 little explorers and their parents at one time. Accompany your child on the elements, or enjoy watching their adventures while relaxing on a comfortable shaded bench among the trees.
Quarry Mega Kids’ Kove is a well supervised, fully enclosed area of the park that does not require belays or helmets. We promise, no more coaxing the kids to put down the video game or turn off the television. The Quarry Mega Kids’ Kove is real action that is fun, builds character, and is great exercise.

For more details please go to www.quarrypark.com.

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