Tower Of Niceness

Tower Of Niceness

Founded by a 7 year old with a simple idea to help people, the Tower
of Niceness has grown into movement with hundreds of supporters
and volunteers around the country, connecting with a common mission:
provide niceness for those in need.
The Tower of Niceness is a 501 (c ) (3) charitable organization that
provides niceness for those in need by connecting communities
with important causes to help increase awareness, volunteerism, and

We have 4 Niceness Projects we organize each year that include:
1. Help the Homeless: annual fundraiser and volunteer day that
occurs on Thanksgiving each year to help hundreds of people
2. Tower Toy Drive: annual toy drive for children’s hospitals
3. Furry Friends Fundraiser: annual project dedicated to supporting
local animal shelters
4. Night of Niceness: annual fundraiser event to celebrate our
volunteers, donors, and local organizations. This year’s event will
be held on November 2nd.

Ultimately, we like to think of ourselves as a coordinator of niceness
– connecting companies, volunteers, and causes in our community. By
empowering more people to give their time, talent and money, we will
help more people in need while cultivating a culture of niceness the
communities we all live in.
From elementary school students to business leaders and families, the
Tower is supported by a wide variety of amazing people and companies
in a number of different ways. It is a community affectionately known
as, Niceness Nation.
Some give their time, others their talents or resources, and many
give what they can financially. Ultimately, our goal is to empower
families, schools and businesses with an easy way to connect to their
communities and give back however they can. We are just as proud of
the hundreds of hours Niceness Nation donates to our projects every
year as we are of the tens of thousands of dollars we raise.

To find out more about the Tower of Niceness, please visit

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